Marriage Building Initiative


There has been some positive news about marriage in Duval county.  In 2016, the divorce rate dropped by 17.6%! There were fewer divorces last year in Duval County than in any previous year on record, dating back to 1970, and 2016 marked the first time EVER that Duval County’s divorce rate was lower than that of the entire state of Florida.  We believe that this significant reduction in the number of divorces is largely due to a commitment by churches in Jacksonville to increase marriage education and enrichment.

The DCFL is partnering with Live the Life, a local, faith-based non-profit committed to strengthening marriages and families in the city, and MarriageBuilding USA, a Catholic non-profit providing support for our diocesan efforts, with the goal of reducing the divorce rate by 50% over the next 3-5 years.

With the participation of parishes, families, and volunteers, we believe that we can achieve this goal.

This resource page is currently in development.

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