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The Diocese of St. Augustine requires every couple getting married in the diocese, of child-bearing age, to complete a full course of NFP instruction.

A full-course of instruction includes an introductory session as well as several follow-up sessions. Classes are not offered by the diocese directly but through independent instructors. You will need to contact the instructors for more information about schedules or cost.

Instruction offered at Pre Cana and Engaged Encounter serves as an introductory session and does not satisfy the requirement on its own.

Creighton FertilityCare™ System

Amy Karney, FCP
Orange Park
(904) 536-6618
Instruction by appointment

Krista Dettlaff, FCP
Ponte Vedra
(916) 606-7208
Instruction by appointment

Chris Pampo, CFCP
Instruction by appointment

Ligeia Damaso, ARNP, FCP
Orlando (Available to give CrMS Introductory and Follow Up Sessions long distance (via Teleconference/Skype) or in person for anyone who may be visiting the Orlando area.)
Instruction by appointment

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Couple to Couple League

To view class schedules and to register, visit:

Bob and Christine Dobkowski
(352) 400-0103

Wes and Beth Moody
Orange Park
(904) 375-8583

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Billings Ovulation Method®

Bryan and Erin Hutchinson
Jacksonville Beach
(904) 504-7983
(904) 412-4214

Patricia Kuhlman, RN, BSN and Dr. Peter D. Kuhlman
Ponte Vedra Beach
(904) 285-7130

Susan Miller
(904) 608-4232

Dr. Marie and William Schretzmann
Lake City
(386) 867-5088

David and Marcela Medina
(Spanish and English)
Palm Coast
(386) 503-9089

Instruction is also available on-line at

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Marquette Method

Kreshelle Marquis, RN, BSN

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Online Instruction

Natural Family Planning Instruction is available online through the DCFL and Marriage Ministries:

This professionally-produced program is a great way to for couples to receive comprehensive Natural Family Planning formation in the Billings Ovulation Method.  When finished, couples receive a certificate of completion and they are encouraged to get connected with a certified instructor for one-on-one coaching.

For more information and to register, visit:

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